I have already written to you in January 2014. Happy New Year. I double our
offer for the second time. I ask you to send us your reply, even if the
information does not interest you. I work in a famous recruiting agency.
Your contact address, was given by your friend. He recommended you, as a
partner reliable and goal-oriented.

You have a chance to become a director of a branch of a large company, in
your region. The income is from $12,000 per month. A regular salary is
always added with interests from the turnover of the branch.

The period of study will be 15 working days. During the probation you will
spend for your training nine - ten hours per week. Already during the time
of study you will earn not less than 3.500 dollars. After the study period,
you will be able to perform a contract for a long period of time. Or refuse
the agreement for a long period of time.

If you want to earn more, write to the e-mail:

We will send our answer during 48 hours. Also there is held a search of
employees for other highly paid positions in Japan.