Happy New Year.

I represent a huge corporation with a worldwide reputation. At this moment,
we are actively developing in Asia, and of course in Japan. So we are
recruiting a staff of employees, who would lead the branches in future of
our corporation in their own cities.

We would like to offer you to become our representative in your home town.
None of any extensive experience are required, as we stipulate a internship
period 4 weeks. We have large experience of remote employees. You will be
assigned with a personal instructor, who will give assignments and monitor
all your actions. You will learn how to negotiate with customers, make
deals, keep records, make money with us. During the probation period you
will earn some payments, as well as getting a corporate certificate of
completion of internship. After the internship, you will be able to sign a
long term contract, or abandon the work.

Six months later of cooperation, your wages will be at least $10,000 per
month. It all depends on your desires and enthusiasm. If you are
responsible and purposeful, do not miss your opportunity. Be sure to check
out the complete information.

Reply to me to the address: yuudaihotaka@yahoo.co.jp

I will send you full description of cooperation and payments.