Good afternoon! I present a famous beginning-to-end advertising&quality
control company, whose main activity is to control the QUALITY of
international service and international PROMO and BTL projects. While the
work of our firm we have managed to work in more than 10 different countries
all over the world. We have more than 80 regional representatives worldwide
and more than 30 virtual offices. We have had collaborative advertisement
campaigns with many giants-companies known everywhere and small creative
agencies. Among our clients and partners are:
This e-mail is to suggest to you a good capability to change your life for
the better. It is a valuable and only prospect.
Come into line with our Company!
Our human resources department has decided to offer more jobs featuring:
part-time schedule or full-time occupation and planned schedule
start-up in your area with an online office
free education and webinars. If required we offer English training
no difference between gender or age
earnings per hour, daily wage, monthly income of your choice
you compose your working schedule yourself
the firm covers all outgoings including: leave, mobile connection, travel
card, bus pass, travel allowance and so on

The company is seeking for an agent in your region for a long perspective who
may become in future the director of the local office!
Our core requirements are:
aspiration to develop
good knowledge in PC
capability to use office appliances

And that.s all. The post doesn.t require any additional skills or efforts and
therefore, anyone may do it.
We are sorry for sudden e-mail but we really require you.
In case you desire accept our proposition, send us a message and write your
AGE and the CITY of your, and we will reply to you very soon.

Sorry if we disturbed you vainly.
Sincerely, Jannet Jeong
Regional HR Manager III, Asia
Department: Asia Regional Human Resources
Reports to: Sr. Manager, Global Stores HR
Skype: Jeong_ J; Email: